Moving Out to a New Home! (Virtually) 😃

Here's today's announcement. Alhamdulillah, after working earnestly for months, I finally can announce that I have a website! So what's up in this website? Aside from being a one-stop center for my portfolio & activities, I have opened my very own online shop! So far, it is full with my preloved books, which brings me to the next announcement; Preloved Books Sale is coming again to you! With even wider range of genres & even more affordable price, this shop as all the books you need. Only click & buy in one browser & one website. A new book would be on sale every day, so keep your eyes out 👀 Susbscribe so that you would be the 1st person to know about new posts & products 👍🏽 For starter, I think this is a good product to lead with. With that being said, stay tuned for more products to come 😏 I'm excited with all the results that come so far,

Empati kepada penyebar teori konspirasi

 Selalu kita berperasaan aneh apabila melihat teori-teori konspirasi menular di media sosial. Semakin aneh apabila melihat bahawa teori itu disokong dan disebarkan oleh bukan sahaja orang yang ramai, tetapi signifikan juga. Senang sahaja untuk kita turut sama bersifat reaktif, seperti mana mereka yang menerima teori-teori tersebut turut bersifat reaktif lalu pantas menyebarkannya. “Apalah orang-orang ni, tak ada kerja ke nak percaya teori-teori mengarut ni?” Hari ni, aku nak ajak untuk kita fikir betul-betul, selami betul-betul, kenapa ada orang yang sangat percayakan teori-teori konspirasi. Pertamanya, kita takkan dapat nafikan hakikat yang, kebanyakan mereka yang mempercayai teori-teori ini ialah orang-orang yang lebih berumur. Orang-orang yang di mana semasa mereka kecil, antara perkara yang mereka pelajari tentang Islam ialah tanda-tanda kiamat; pembinaan bangunan-bangunan yang tinggi, ibu melahirkan tuan, dan sebagainya. Dan semestinya, realiti pada masa muda mereka, membuatkan ta

The Third Side of The Coin #1120

The third book of The Third Side of The Coin series is out this November! As someone who is inspired to spread unique perspectives on looking at life, writing my blog posts give me life. And especially, when I'm given the opportunity to properly compile & organize it, in a way that people can benefit the most, I am no more flattered yet indeed humbled. Through your responses from my blog posts & videos, it helps me to get your feedback on how valuable the insights that I gave. I did not necessarily create it; most of the time I just talk about the same issue or problem, just from a slightly different angle. Thus, I hope this book would do just that. And like I've always said, I am not aiming for you to agree with me. My most vital mission is to ensure people to digest & ponder, and thus helping them better in dealing with their life issues. Click here and get your copy now! Click here and get your copy now! Click here and get your copy now!

Talking about Sex - Children DO understand.

I went to a conference about two years ago, about abuse prevention. There was one particular thing, that rang into my mind, up until this day. I've shared this with a few people, but I believe now I am ready to make this public. Firstly, trigger warning: sexual abuse. And particularly we're going to talk about today, is child-on-child sexual abuse. Yikes, I know. What a very uncomfortable topic to touch upon. But please bear with me. Because at the very end of this post, I am going to give a glimpse of hope to everyone. Yeah, I know that sounds weird to talk about amidst this issue, but trust me & stay with me until the end. Firstly, the word child-on-child abuse itself fascinates me. I’ve always thought only adults abuse children. But if we look it different angle, it’s completely logical to deduce that children can also abuse other children. For example, if a parent physically abuses a child, he would do it repeatedly, systematically, plant fear & obedience in the chi

Talking about Victim Blaming & Evergreen Content (IG Live 28 Oct)


Sedekah dalam Islam

Kenapa pemberian sedekah tu penting walhal apa yang lebih penting adalah usaha peminta sedekah itu sendiri? 🤔 p/s: cuba kira berapa banyak aku cakap perkataan 'berkecukupan' 😜 Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube:

Getting a Psychology Degree is a Scam??? 😱😱😱

Take a look at this Instagram post that I've found: As you all know, I'm all about exposing honest truth about higher education, rather than promoting 'best-case scenario' to attract people to it, as I believe informed decision is a way to empower our youths. So let's dissect this together! ✊🏼 Firstly, yes, there is not much job opportunity in the psychology field if you got the bachelor's degree. Only after getting a Master's degree, you would be qualified to be a psychologist. (Yes, there is more job opportunity outside of psychology field. I'm just focusing into the field itself). And I was shocked, when I found out about this, ONLY after enrolling into the field. And take note, I already researched about psychology for years before even enrolling. With that being said, I love psychology with all of my heart, and I view this as a misunderstanding rather than a scheme. After enrolling, I believe that pursuing career in psychology is similar with pursu